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The Magic Mission

Dedicated to stopping the Overpopulation, Abuse, and Homelessness of Dogs & Cats in Central America.

The Mission

To help create a world where all dogs and cats in Latin America are in safe, loving, homes, valued, and cared for by the communities they live in. A world where spaying and neutering a pet is the goal of all pet owners, as each community works together to stop overpopulation, abuse, and homelessness.

The Magic Mission is a 501C3 nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping the overpopulation, abuse, and homelessness of dogs and cats in Latin America.

Across Latin America, the homeless street dog and cat population is one of many economic and social issues that needs addressing today. Litter after litter of unwanted and unneutered puppies and kittens roam the streets and alleys searching for food, water, and a safe place to lay down. Those puppies and kittens have more puppies and kittens. This creates streets full of starving dogs and cats. Some in the community see these animals as pests, rather than pets. Malnourishment, injury, and disease are the primary causes of death for these timid neglected companions. Sometimes, overpopulation is managed by heinous acts of cruelty such as poisoning and shooting.

Our vision is to spread a more compassionate attitude towards animals throughout Latin America. To start this process we have created a grant program that will help to fund and support in-country animal advocate groups. The Magic Mission will collect charitable contributions (tax-deductible under our approved 501C3 nonprofit status) and funnel the money into projects on the ground that help the animals. Starting with our first partnership with Spay Panama, we plan to orchestrate and fund sterilization blitzes, health services, and community education throughout Latin America. The goal is to create organizations modeled after Spay Panama in all of the other Central American countries. Then each of these groups will operate year-round in their country, taking Spay and Neuter events to communities that would otherwise not have access to safe, free sterilization and healthcare services.

Leveraging our on-the-ground resources, we focus on educating the younger generation with our educational coloring book, THE MAGIC MISSION. We will donate books to children at all spay and neuter events., We also plan to do educational presentations in local grade schools in the cities we are visiting. Our goal is that these children will teach their families and neighbors to cherish cats and dogs as companions worthy of healthcare, food, shelter, and most of all, love.

Our adoption page is coming soon!!! We will provide links to Central American Rescue groups that have rescued dogs and cats off the streets and need forever homes. These wonderful animals make the best companions, so grateful and deserving of love!

We believe in a future where all cats and dogs in Latin America live in safe, loving homes, and seeing groups of sick, homeless, and hungry animals wandering the streets of Latin America, is a thing of the past.

We see families spaying and neutering their young pets, to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and puppies, eventually stopping the cycle of homelessness and neglect.

Please share, donate, and connect with us on social media to see how you can help in making the legacy of The Magic Mission one that lasts forever.

Pebe Sebert

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Founder Pebe Sebert​

Hear why our founder Pebe starting this Non-Profit.

vet training in panama

Current donations go to funding the Train Honduran Vets: Sterilization Techniques! program.

Why the Magic Mission?

From Founder Pebe Sebert

In June, 2008, I was riding my bike on a dirt street on the Island of Utila, Honduras, when I found my best friend, Magic. She was bloated with worms and covered with mange, but I was in love.

Utila is a beautiful Caribbean island full of charm that made me feel that I never wanted to leave, except for one thing. As long as I had been coming to Utila, I had been horrified by the staggering number of starving, sick animals roaming the streets. These dogs and cats wait by the food stands for scraps to fall and dig into the trash looking for any leftovers, not knowing what they may find. Sometimes, they find a poisoned bone left by the local population control authorities.

My goal is to help eliminate the suffering and overpopulation of these animals by supporting local agencies and shelters that provide safe spay and neuter programs. Another goal is to slowly change the way these animals are viewed, by giving the children a new idea about how to treat companion animals.

The final hope is that The Magic Mission can help connect people looking for a pet, with the loving animals rescued by Central American Rescue groups and make a Central American street dog or cat the new “MUST HAVE IF YOU ARE COOL” pet.

Pebe Sebert

The Magic Mission’s main purpose is to collect charitable contributions which are all tax deductible under our approved 501C3 nonprofit status and funnel the money into projects on the ground that help the animals in Latin America.