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Grant Requested by

Diana Gutierrez / Fundación Perros Sin Nombre

Project Name

Spay / Neuter Jan 2024

Grant Amount Requested


Dates of Project

01-22-2024 – 01-26-2024

Grant Country


Description of the Project

I am writing on behalf of Fundación Perros Sin Nombre, a dedicated organization committed to spaying and neutering pets to promote responsible pet ownership in our community. Over the past six years, our clinic has made a significant impact by providing essential veterinary services to numerous cats and dogs, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of our local animal population.

This year, we are excited to continue our mission by hosting a clinic that aims to benefit 200 pets through spaying and neutering procedures. To enhance the quality of our services, we have collaborated with three veterinarians from the United States and enlisted the support of nine technicians, along with students and doctors from UNAG.

However, we face a financial challenge in affording all the necessary medicines for the clinic. Despite our best efforts, we need additional support to cover the costs associated with providing these essential medical services to the animals in our care.

Understanding Mission Magic’s commitment to supporting impactful initiatives, we kindly request your assistance in helping us acquire the necessary medicines for our upcoming clinic. Your support will not only contribute to the success of our event but will also have a lasting positive effect on the health and well-being of the animals in our community.

Introduction and Background

Our primary focus has been conducting massive campaigns for spaying and neutering to address the overpopulation of pets in our community. Through these efforts, we have successfully helped countless families manage their pet populations responsibly while promoting the health and well-being of their beloved companions.

This year marks another milestone for us as we prepare to host a clinic benefiting 200 cats and dogs. We are proud to have collaborated with three veterinarians from the United States and enlisted the support of nine technicians, along with students and doctors from UNAG.

While we have received generous donations of some medicines, we find ourselves in need of additional support to ensure the success of our clinic. The medicines required are essential for the well-being of the animals under our care, and we believe that with your assistance, we can continue to make a lasting impact on our community.

Your organization’s commitment to supporting impactful initiatives aligns seamlessly with our mission, and we sincerely hope that Mission Magic will consider partnering with us in making a meaningful difference in the lives of these animals and the families who love them.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss our project in more detail, please feel free to contact me at <Removed>

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to making the world a better place for animals and their families.

Budget Narrative

We request help to buy the rest of the medicaments for use in this clinic.

Was this project funded by The Magic Mission in previous years?


Total Cost of This Project


Other Confirmed Funding Sources

We are pleased to inform you that some of the medicines for our clinic have already been generously donate

Other Sources of Support

We have a raffle to help us with food expenses/accommodation for all the participants.

We also sent a couple more letters to local businesses in Tela to ask for support, but nothing has been confirmed yet.